About Us

  • OVID is a corporate holding comprising of six member companies, namely OVID Construction, OVID Trading House, OVID Manufacturing, OVID IT, OVID Venture, OVID Real estate and Ovid Integrated Health.

Our Mission

▫️To focus on the basic needs of people and to meet these needs at the right price & quality,  
  • To empower employees through professional development and inspire them with clear opportunities to share in the growth of the company,
  ▫️To create wealth that will enhance the lives of our employees and in part will be given back to the communities we serve by supporting worthwhile programs and services.

Our Vision

▫️To research, develop, and implement affordable solutions to help meet the basic needs of people in developing countries.

Core Values

▫️Dependability: on-time delivery, trustworthily & reliable ▫️Innovative: Using new technologies, original and creative thinking, solution-oriented ▫️Excellence: Outstanding quality and distinct ▫️Environmental, Health, and Safety : using eco-friendly and safe construction methods, minimum wastage ▫️Passion: motivated, self-driven and enthusiastic


OVID Construction Plc, established in in 2013, is a Design and Build (DB) company with G -1 building construction license. It is legally registered and operates in Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya having over 7,000 permanent and temporary employees including highly experienced staff from different areas of specialization. The founder has brought in vast industrial experience and knowledge and values a cost effective yet efficient approach to construction.


OVID Real Estate is a company engaged in housing development working to deliver the highest standard and quality of affordable housing to its customers varying the type and size of compartments through the use of smart construction technology, create an eco-friendly neighborhood through a safe, secure and convenient living area, develop a lasting and positive legacy of distinctive and well thoughts of homes .


Established in 2018 as Kavod Imports Trading, the now OVID Trade House mainly operates in areas of export,import and local market. Specialising in importing construction technologies that can not be manufactured locally. also engaged in importing and supplying high quality office furniture and finishing materials. .


OVID Venture Capital is a company that provides investments for a portfolio company with the purpose on developing a business portfolio based on a high-risk high-return concept.


OVID IT is a company that has dedicated itself to introducing our beloved country with the bleeding edge technologies that are around the world currently. OVID IT believes that the road to our futuristic lifestyle lies with us. Our company wants to sit down and tackle the roadblocks that are stopping us from making this dream a reality.

OVID Manufacturing

OVID Manufacturing PLC is a private limited company under OVID Corporate Group established for the objective of mainly synchronizing the manufacturing industry of construction materials to the construction industry in the country. It is also our goal diligently working on introducing, implementing and popularizing technological construction methods and alternative construction materials that are identified to enhance efficiency of cost, time and quality of the construction products and to help meet also the people’s need as the result.

OVID Integrated Health

Integrated Health Group (IHG) Ethiopia Productions PLC, was established in 2006 to produce water-soluble mineral supplements which are widely used as nutrition supplements to maintain normal health and improve the general well-being of humankind. The company has recently been struc tured and incorporated in the Ovid Group of Companies. The group was originally es tablished in 2013 as OVID Construction Plc, which is a Design and Build (DB) company with G -1 building construction license.

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