OVID Integrated House

About OVID Integrated House

Integrated Health Group (IHG) Ethiopia Productions PLC, was established in 2006 to produce water-soluble mineral supple ments which are widely used as nutrition supplements to maintain normal health and improve the general well-being of hu mankind.

The company has recently been struc tured and incorporated in the Ovid Group of Companies. The group was originally es tablished in 2013 as OVID Construction Plc, which is a Design and Build (DB) com pany with G -1 building con struction license.

It is legally registered and operates in Ethi opia, Djibouti, and Kenya having over 7,000 permanent and temporary employ ees including highly experienced staff from different areas of specialization. The company has now upgraded to Ovid Group of Companies incorporating Ovid Construction, Ovid IT Solution, Ovid Real Estate, Ovid Trading and Integrated health group Ethiopia (IHG).